Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annapurna circuit trek, Day 9: Letdar to Thorung Phedi

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The start from Letdar was delayed as our porter did not get up on time!! He was drunk on the previous night. The hangover was still present. We reprimanded him for his irresponsible behavior. With big one coming next day, we warned him not to be adventurous any more!!  

A small lake near Letdar
The walk from Letdar was simple with little gain in altitude. After an hour’s walk, we crossed the stream by crossing a small bridge. We had to walk down to reach the bridge built across the river and then climb up. The steep climb reminded of the things to expect further. Few people were completely worn out by this climb. It was not difficult but I feel that the altitude was making a difference.

Here we had to cross a landslide area which was the only section in the entire trek that was exposed but not really dangerous.

What looked like an end of the valley was Thorung Phedi, a desolate place surrounded by cliff. This was our halting place. The altitude was 14,895 feet.

We had walked for only two hours on that day and gained 800 feet.  It seemed ludicrous to stop the walk at 10AM in the morning and call it a day!! But the altitude has to be respected.

Our porter wanted to climb further for an hour to reach the high camp, still 1300 feet up. The advantage was that the climb to Thorung La would be easy. But the altitude gain to be more than the safe limit which we did not want to breach. We decided to stick to our plan.

Thorung Phedi
Thorung Phedi had only two lodges. Being one of first to reach, we were awarded with good rooms that even had an attached toilet. A first one in our trek!! People were pouring in throughout the day. Latecomers had to settle for dorms. If it gets even crowded, one would have to sleep in kitchen or dining area!!

The lodge had a nice restaurant. Evening seemed to be a big party as almost all trekkers had gathered in Thorung Phedi. Most of us would be climbing Thorung La next day. Why not have some good time before that?


VENU VINOD said...

fantastic description with pro quality photos. fully enjoyed and tried to visualise what if i was there in your place. hope one day i will move beyond 13,800 ft which i did on 2010 sar pass trek, towards many such peaks.
thanks arvind for taking so much time!

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Venu, Virendra, Vineeta,
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