Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hoysala Temples of Nuggehalli

29th April 2012

Nuggehalli is a small village near Hassan about 20 km from National Highway 48. In the village are two beautiful Hoysala Temples, Sadashiva and Lakshmi Narashima Temple. Built during 13th century, these Temples are still in good shape and are well maintained.

Since the Temples were well known I expected to find them easily. But labyrinth and narrow roads of Nuggehalli confused me a lot. People were giving contradicting directions. I lost my patience when one person directed me to a normal small Temple. He seemed to be oblivious of existence of the Temple in his own village. He was extremely embarrassed when I blasted him for the same. And then he gives proper directions!!

The first Temple we saw was Sadashiva Temple. Unlike other Temples of Hoysala regime, Sadashiva Temple stands immediately next to the road with a huge door. The walls and roof at the front portion of the Temple do not have any sculptural decoration. It is not clear whether they were destroyed or original design.

Some walls have windows carved out of stone. The garbagruha houses a huge Shiva linga. Since it was looked we could not get a chance to look into that.

To get a complete view of the Temple, one needs to go to the back.

Lakshmi Narashima Temple is just 5 minutes walk from Sadashiva Temple. This Temple is visited by lot of people (Especially Vaishnavas) as the deity is worshipped.

The entrance of the Temple is not impressive.

Like the other Temple, a large mantapa is present at the entrance of the Temple. This trikuta Temple has three forms of Vishnu Venugopala, Keshava and Lakshmi Narasimha.

The real beauty of the Temple is in the sculptures outside. The Temple lies on a raised platform of about 4 ft high followed by six horizontal sections consisting of Elephants, horses, creepers, mythological, imaginary beasts and swans.

The walls of the Temple consist of various images of Gods.

A beautiful Temple in general.

How to reach Nuggehalli:
If you are coming from Bengaluru, take right turn after Hirisave. The Village is about 20km from deviation. From Hassan, one needs to take left turn after Channaraya Patna and continue for 20km to reach the village.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ruined Temples of Koravangala

28 April 2012

The village of Koravangala has three Hoysala Temples. Bucheshwara Temple mentioned in the earlier post is well maintained by ASI. The other two Temples under the control of Karnataka Government are completely in ruins.

These ruins lie opposite to Bucheshwara Temple. The complex consists of Nageshwara and Govindeshwara Temple. Both idols are missing. That might be a cause for the negligence as religious people do not take interest in preserving such Temples.

The entire structure is delicate which scared me to venture into. Luckily people had not used for nature calls!! But there were ample proof of people using this place for drinking and playing.

Undergrowth has taken over these Temples.

It looks like there was some effort before to restore the Temple. But for some reason it was stopped.

Only work the Karnataka Government did was to put up the board. They are very good at it.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bucheshwara Temple, Koravangala

28th April 2012

Koravangala is a small village about 10 km from Hassan. Here is a masterpiece of Hoysala architecture Bucheshwara Temple. Built during 12th century, this Temple is dedicated to Shiva. Thanks to ASI, this Temple complex is well maintained and preserved.

It took us more than 30 minutes to cover the short distance of 10km from Hassan. The pot hole filled and dusty Hassan-Arasikere road was pain to drive on. Situation improved after we took turn to the village. The Temple itself was not difficult to find as it is just next to the main road in the village. A small lake is situated next to the Temple.

This is an Ekakuta Temple with the main sanctum housing Shiva Linga. Opposite to the main sanctum stands the idol of Sun God Surya Narayana. We were there during power cut time and could not see it properly. The caretaker of the Temple asked us to wait for another half an hour. That was not an issue as we had ample time at our hand.

The complex also contains Kala Bhairava Temple. It was locked and caretaker mentioned that it is opened only once in a year.

Entrance of Bucheshwara Temple.

Carving on the outer walls of the Temple.

This Temple has the symbol of Hoysala “Sala fighting the Tiger” on the gopura of the Temple.