Sunday, November 27, 2011

Siddeshwara Temple, Haveri

11 November 2011

It is hard to imagine that such a great Temple complex can exist in the main road of Haveri town. The gardens and lawns maintained by ASI are large and beautiful. It seems to be a favorite place for locals to relax and enjoy. We saw a lot of students studying under the shade of the tree. And there were few couples roaming around.

The Temple is situated at the far end of the garden. Built during 11th century CE it is one of finest example of Western Chalukyan art. Like the Temple at Bankapura the basement of this Temple is sunk by few feet. The Temple is also called as Purasiddeshwara Temple.

The sculptures on the roof is impressive.

Before the garbagruha is a pillar with inscriptions.

The gopura of the Temple is beautifully carved.

A neglected sculpture of Ugra Narasimha next to the main Temple.

We spent a long Temple just sitting under the shade of a tree. My daughter spent some time chasing egrets that were numerous in the garden.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kalyala waterfalls

28th August 2011

When we reached the tiny village on the foothills of Western Ghats the sun had already crossed the mid sky. The waterfall was visible from the State Highway that passed through that village. It was a steep climb on supposedly bad roads. We did not want to put strain on a brand new car and hence opted for a Jeep ride. The road was indeed steep but nicely tarred.

I was surprised to see a plain land after climbing up the hill we saw from the highway. A peaceful village was on the top. The waterfall is just half a km from the village which needs to be covered by walk. Jeep driver volunteered to show us the way. After few minutes of easy walking we reached the stream that formed the waterfalls. I was expecting to reach the bottom of the falls but we were on top of it!!

In order to reach bottom of the falls, we had to get down over a rocky and slippery path. I had an umbrella, water bottle and camera in my hand. With climbing down proving difficult I decide to take only camera and drop the other two to be picked up while climbing up. It was a leech prone area and we had to quickly get down. While I and Jeep driver got down almost to the bottom of the falls there was no sign on others. After waiting for some time, I decided to climb up and see their whereabouts. They had badly bitten by leeches and had decided to stay on the top.

I climbed down the rocks and reached the base of the waterfalls. The waterfall was about 80-100ft in height. It looked like there were few more stages of the falls but was completely covered by forest. We had to cross to the other side of the falls to get a good view. After spending some time in the waterfalls we climbed up to reach the village back. After drinking water at a house nearby we started the return journey.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

K Hole falls

28th August 2011

One would be in strange situations when looking for lesser known places. Here we were searching for a falls that I had heard from various sources. When asked about the same with the villagers they laughed at me and said that they have not heard of any such falls in the vicinity. I felt embarrassed but quickly recovered and asked whether there are any streams in the area. I should have carried the photographs of the falls.

We continued on the village road now in search of the stream. Finally we reached a place where the sound of water could be heard. Shortly the water falls made its appearance!! It was not completely visible as a coffee estate was between us. A small shop owner near the estate denied permission to enter into an estate. We could not find a good place to take snaps. It was a disappointment.

Looking at my Digital SLR camera the shop keeper was convinced that I was a serious guy!! Having a big camera helps whether you take good photos or not!!!! “If anyone asks tell that you are from TV9”, he told me. I and Balaji quickly got down into the estate while Saran, Sankara and Chitrai decided to have tea. Quickly we reached the base of the falls. A tree had fallen on the top of the falls blocking the full view. But it was a good scene to watch.

Seeing my interest in waterfalls the shop owner mentioned about another falls upstream. That was news to me. As per his directions we proceeded further and found the deviation. The car could not take that extreme right and hence we continued ahead to reach State Highway that was a furlong away. And then took a U turn to come back to the village road. The people at the road were surprised by our action!!

This falls was again inside a coffee estate but now there was no one to stop us from getting down. The path was slippery and I saw myself sliding down without any control. I only hoped that I could stop before falling into the stream!! Sankara and Balaji who were behind me were also in same situation. It reminded me of a similar incident in Yelaneeru. This time I was lucky to not get spoilt by mud but Sankara and Balaji had to change their dresses later!!

A nice little adventure!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Baalebare falls

30th August 2011

Another road side falls!!

This is at the beginning of Hulikal ghat. As you start descending from Mastikatte (last town before the ghat) you see Chandikamba Temple on your right side. People make a stop here before proceeding further. Continue on the main road and you see the falls!!

We went during peak monsoon time mist had enveloped the entire ghat area!! We could identify the falls only by its sound. We had to wait some time for fog to clear!! The silky white falls was a treat to watch.

While returning back we saw few elderly people walking on the main road. They had stopped their vehicle at the Temple and walked down to see the falls. But they were struggling to climb up. A woman in the group was gasping. The people requested and we decided to take her in our car. She told that they did not anticipate the climb while returning back. Anyway, she was in better form when we dropped near the Temple.