Monday, May 25, 2009

A road to nowhere

23 May 2009

Not all my trips are successful!!

After travelling for 320 km, we came to a dead end. The road to our destination was under the "water". A phone call and then a talk with a local confirmed that no way we can go further to the destination.

We ended up in taking few snaps of the area!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


10 April 2009

It happens many times that we are not aware of the places that are very near to us. One such place was Sri Uma Maheshwara Temple at Hosagunda. It was near to my native place, but only came to know about it through an article from Rajesh Naik. So, I made a point to visit the place during my recent visit to my native place.

It was already getting dark when I took the deviation to Hosagunda from the main road. Two km on the mud road will directly take to the Temple.

According to History, Hosagunda was the capital of Shanthara Kings from 11th century to 14th century. It was at that time Sri Uma Maheshwara Temple was constructed. But after the end of Shanthara dynasty Hosagunda was reduced to ruins and the forest took over the Temple. And for the next 600 years, the Temple was completely hidden from the outside world by the forest.

Very less people were aware of this Temple and from 1995 efforts started to restore the Temple to its glorious past. Now, Dharmastala Manjunathershwara trust has taken the responsibility of renovating the Temple and Ramachandrapura Math is conducting the religious rituals.
The priest explained the history and the ongoing activities in the Temple. He showed me the photographs of the Temple when it was covered by forest. I could not get a full view of the Temple as the renovation work was ongoing.

One interesting point about this Temple is the presence of erotic art in the sculptures.

Hosagunda is surrounded by dense forests and efforts are made to declare it as devara kaadu.
As the priest was explaining the various development activities on the pipe line, we have to see the effects once the Temple is renovated. It will take a year for that.

More pictures of Hosagunda can be found here.

Friday, May 08, 2009


10th April 2009

Every time I travel to my native place on my car, I think about visiting this place. But I change my mind as I cross Birur and approach towards Tarikere. The National Highway at this stretch used to be in a hopeless state at any time of the year. As soon as I enter this stretch of painful journey, reaching Shimoga as soon as possible would be at the top of my mind.

Things were changed when I drove on this road last time. The road was silky smooth and I happily took the deviation to Amruthapura!!

Amruthapura is known for Amrutheshwara Temple built during the end of 12th century by a local commander under the Hoysala ruler Veera Ballala II.

While many Hoysala Temples in Hassan are surrounded by houses, this Temple is surrounded by fields and open grounds. This gives a pleasant feeling to the visitors.

The outer wall of the Temple has several circular carvings and many of them are still in a good condition.

It is a single shrine Temple (ekakuta) and the deity is still being worshipped.


Amruthapura is about 10 km from Tarikere. A deviation from NH 206 would lead to the village. Since signboards are not clearly marked, it is better to ask locals for the direction.
More photos of Amruthapura can be found here.